Embark on a transcendental voyage with The Liftoff, a visionary band hailing from the heartlands of North Central Ohio, fueled by a mission to ignite cosmic revolutions through their euphoric sonic explorations.Their psychedelic symphonies cascade like celestial fireworks, painting the sky with colors unseen and melodies unheard. Infusing their music with a potent blend of love, unity, and a fervent desire for change, they invite audiences to join them on a sonic pilgrimage towards a world where peace, harmony, and groove reign supreme.Strap in, because with The Liftoff, the journey to a brighter tomorrow begins now.

The Band

Wayne Geta (IvoryMan) - Keyboards/ VocalsNative of North Central Ohio, he started playing classic piano the age of 5, later transitioning to rock as a teenager. Influenced by Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Phish, The Grateful Dead, Beck, Boston, NIN, and The Crystal Method. His sound blends diverse influences into his own distinct sound, that you will surely hear layered throught The LiftOff.

Jeff Krist (Tha Kid) - Guitar/ VocalsArizona born, he now resides in Central Ohio. He began honing his skills as a guitarist and vocalist at a young age. Throughout his musical journey he has contributed to various projects embracing roles as a singer, songwriter, and lyricist. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres, including 90's rock, psychedelic rock, folk, country, reggae, pop, hip hop, and metal, his music reflects his deep appreciation for diverse styles. With years of experience under his belt, he is excited to spread the music, and ready to launch into a new atmosphere with The LiftOff.

Mark Paine (Uncle Mark)-Bass Guitar/ VocalsHailing from Northern Ohio and beyond, he has spent decades immersing himself in all genres of music, as a fan, and student of music. After training and performing with some of the best musicians in this region, he made contact with some mutual minds to form The LiftOff. Drawing from his many influences to create his own unique style of playing, you will quickly feel why he is suited for the rhythm of this machine.

Chase Zonfa - Drums/ VocalsA native to northeast Ohio, Chase began drumming at the age of 5. His love for all things rock, from hard and progressive rock to metal, fuels his passion behind the kit. Influenced by legends including Dave Matthews Band, Rush, and Dream Theater, Chase brings a dynamic energy to every beat he lays down.


If you'd like to book The Liftoff for your venue or event, please contact, Mark Paine.


Upcoming Shows

JT’s Pub and Grub
May 4, 7-11pm
1433 Lowell St, Elyria Ohio 44035

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